Hi everybody!

Sorry for not writing anything in months,but i have been in Asia for almost all the time. In the Phillipines,Manila ) 
I have my soon to be wife there and i got stuck in the country on an visa overstay and i was homeless for a week in whats supposed to be the second most dangerous city in the world :) Typical me. But i survived 3 robbery attepts with style and 1 week in a shelter and then back home to rich Norway after the embassy would give me a loan!! I thought this rich country would have enough money to send its citizens back home if they are in trouble,but no. I was sorrounded by 7 policemen asking for bribes at the airport and a fine i could not possibly pay so i was not allowed to leave the country. I did fine and i have even more stories for my bio,he,he. I am working with a filipino rapper now Mark Dom Dom! Have a good feeling about him,very professional and very skilled! Hope to make some collabs happen for him ith other equals soon. The new abonrecordsstudio.com site is up! I'm about to make my 1 album in 11 years and i have a new deal with radio 3,a Norwegian radio station regarding customers being referred to my studio and i also will have the opportunity to give artists airtime through my new company :Abòn Promotions! Will be back on Twitter soon,updated all facebooks and every other site so please have a look!Wish you all the best for now. 




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